What can Digital Marketing Technology do for your business?

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Did you know?

 There are currently 6829 different technology platforms available to digital marketers. The Super graphic available at chiefmartec.com breaks these down. The fact that 6,829 marketing technology solutions exist, demonstrates the ever-widening role of paid, owned and earned media activity.

Marketing teams nationwide are going to have to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) in all of the work that they do, so they might as well invest in the solutions which will have a tangible effect on both improving ROI and helping to measure it.

Slimming World Example

One example of an organisation that has used marketing technology to full effect is Slimming World. This organisation took full advantage of Cision's services to integrate a variety of measurement and research techniques to evaluate the efficacy of one of their campaigns 'Dream Weight'.

By measuring the changes in brand recognition and reputation, tracking website visits and sign ups, and linking this to media analysis that outlined reach, tone and quality, Slimming World were able to understand how campaign messaging was resonating, who they were influencing and the direct impact of their communications.

Technology was instrumental in helping Slimming World achieve organisational objectives that are also able to demonstrate how it helped which is very important in the new data-driven realm.

 Making the Technological Leap

 It’s often a fact that when sales targets aren't met and budgets have to be reduced, historically, it's the marketing activity, and often the PR aspect of this that are first in line to be cut, but investing in new technology will change this.

The incredible depth and speed of new marketing technology means that you can highlight the demonstrable impact of your work even while a campaign is underway. The best marketing technology also allows you to optimise your strategy on-the -go to maximise what is going on also.

Such is the importance of proving ROI in today’s marketing world - with budgets set accordingly – being able to leverage technology to power and demonstrate your products across paid, owned and earned is critical to a marketer's role.

Virtual College Apprenticeships

The biggest game-changer brought about by marketing technology is the requirement for organisations to recruit and retain skilled staff to drive forward the digital marketing strategy.

This is where Virtual College Apprenticeships can support you. We can help you create your own in-house digital marketing strategists. Given all of our years’ experience in the digital sector via our e-learning business we decided to enhance our apprenticeships delivery provision by offering the Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Standards.

We can assist you in either recruiting an apprentice in to your business or help you access apprenticeship funding to upskill an existing member of staff in all of the latest digital marketing techniques.

Technology Driven Apprenticeship Model

Our flexible technology driven model using a blended learning approach allows us to deliver high quality training that meets the needs employers when addressing skills gaps within their organisations.

This delivery model has been very well received by both employers and apprentices as they enjoy the technology driven elements of the LMS and the online live classroom sessions but still value the face to face interaction the work based workshops bring with one employer stating:

“The online learning platform was impressive and the tutor knowledge, program of study and delivery model was perfect and intelligently developed in line with our specialist area, with digital classroom delivery and use of technology.”

The Benefit


“The other impressive benefits above and beyond our previous experience was the contact time and 1to1 support for both the apprentices and ourselves.”

If you are undergoing a digital transformation or have scope to enhance your in-house marketing teams and would like to find out more on how apprenticeship funding can benefit your business, please get in touch for an honest, informal chat.

We are on hand to answer any questions you may have about apprenticeships, incentives available, and the apprenticeship levy.

To find out more about Virtual College's Apprenticeships call 01325 328827 or email: [email protected].

Melanie Thompson Author

Author: Melanie Thompson

Melanie leads the apprenticeship division for Virtual College and prides herself on operating a high-quality provision. She has a wide range of qualifications, including a degree in Education, and keeps up-to-date with educational reforms. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters.